Review by Ken Burr, Staff Writer


OpenOffice Writer
Just like Microsoft Word. Writer's highly compatible formats and the ability to export PDFs make it stand out from other word processors. You can even open and edit Word files in Writer.
OpenOffice Calc
The replacement for Microsoft Excel, Just like Microsoft Excel. Calc creates spreadsheets and forms with all the features of Excel—and then some. Calc's special feature is the ability to automatically format information for graphing and save files as PDFs or Excel files.
OpenOffice Impress
Just like Microsoft PowerPoint. True to its name, Impress creates impressive presentations and slideshows with an easy-to-use interface. Impress can do everything Power Point can, with the added bonus of creating PDF files and Flash files.
OpenOffice Base
Just like Microsoft Access. Base helps you create and maintain databases. You can even build forms and reports in highly accessible formats.
OpenOffice Draw
Just like Microsoft Visio or CorelDraw. Draw is an easy-to-use graphics editor that lets you create and edit vector graphics, diagrams and charts.
OpenOffice Math
Math makes it easy to create and edit mathematical equations and export them to other programs.
Free OpenOffice Templates
Free Templates
Get hundreds of free business, education and personal use templates. Free templates include resumes, invoices, finance calculators and more.
Free OpenOffice Extensions
Extend the capabilities** (fix sp on site) of OpenOffice with over 500 useful extensions. Add foreign language dictionaries, spell checkers and advanced graph symbols and charts to your documents.